Ramps and Power Slides

Manual Lift leaf

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The liftleaf ramp is a manually deployed ‘up and over’ ramp, the movement of which represents that of a book being opened or closed. When closed the ramp forms parts of the vehicle floor, the upper surface of the ramp being designed to accept a layer of floor covering to match that of the vehicle. When deployed it forms one continuous surface from the kerb/road surface to the vehicle floor. This allows easy access for the less able-bodied passengers, wheelchairs and passengers with prams.

The special feature of the ramp is its thickness. The total thickness of the ramp and housing is only 16mm and so it can be fitted into the floor simply by removing a section of the plywood floor. The bus floor covering is then heat welded or boned to the ramp edge flange. The thin section does not compromise the working load of the ramp and it comfortably exceeds the required loading criteria.

The composite structure of the ramp is of the same type used in the powered ramp, enabling a high strength but thin ramp section to be used. It is also very light weight and so the ramp is easy to deploy using the dedicated handle. The pedestrian surface of the ramp is covered with a special non-slip coating which guarantees a sure footing in all conditions. A broad red/whit color across the front and up the sides of the ramp clearly indicates the edge of the ramp surface.