Hand Rail Systems

Handrail Systems

We design and manufacture tough, durable handrail systems which includes tubular framework, hanging straps and fittings, parcel racks, stanchions, hand and barrier rails.

All handrails are 35mm in diameter but come in a variety of options to suit different budgets and safety requirements. Tubes can be smooth or sculptured (textured) steel – either mild or stainless steel – or polished stainless steel.

There are a variety of finishes available: powder paint, polyester and nylon coatings. We offer colours that coordinate with DPTAC / DDA colour recommendations to help you meet accessibility legislation while also complementing your fleet’s branding. Our NC controlled tube manipulation tools used in manufacturing your handrail system, result in an accurate and easy installation process for you, every time.

We work closely with bus operators and OEMs to explore access solutions for public transport so have a full range of handrails and handrail fittings to fit every application. On average 70 metres of handrail are used in an average double deck bus and 30-40 in a single deck bus with a range of over 100 types of fittings. We have unparalleled experience in designing and manufacturing these long-lasting systems.