Ramps and Power Slides

Power Slide European 01

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The PowerSlide ramp is an electrically powered telescopic ramp. This ramp is fitted into the vehicle floor at the exit doorway, although it can be fitted at an entrance, and is designed in such a way that it can be extended or retracted while the doors are open or closed. During deployment the single piece ramp extends from the vehicle side and then the pivots down until the front edge rests on the kerb/road. Should the ramp encounter an obstacle during the extension process, or a person place a foot on the ramp before it is fully deployed it forms one continuous surface from the kerb/road surface to the vehicle floor. This allows easy access for the less able-bodied passengers, wheelchairs and passengers with prams. When retracted a front cover plate flips up to cover the slot through which the ramp is deployed.

The composite structure of the ramp is exceptionally strong and consequently the ramp feels solid and sturdy when being used, instilling confidence in the user. The pedestrian surface the ramp is covered with a special non-slip coating which guarantees a sure footing in all conditions. A broad red/white color band across the front and up the sides of the ramp clearly indicates the edges of the ramp surface.

A feature of the ramp is the quick-change ramp system. The ramp is supplied with strong housing that is built into the vehicle structure. (This housing can be used as part of the vehicle structure to reinforce the area where the ramp and all the working parts, slides into the housing and is fixed in position with easily removed fasteners. All electrical connections are through one quick release waterproof socket. Should work be required on the ramp, for example for an annual maintenance check, the whole ramp cassette can be quickly removed and replacement ramp installed. This ramp swap process takes no more than 10 minutes and requires no special tools. The housing system also has the advantage that the vehicle floor covering is run over the top of the housing removing the necessity for any trims around the edge and of the ramp cassette.